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Good Eats: So Apparently, We Can Eat Our Milk & Cookies Like This

Milk & cookies… how do you eat them? If you grew up in my household, you likely had your fair share of cookies out of a package, because let’s face it, your mom… Continue reading

Good Eats: We’ve Been Cooking Corn Wrong Our Entire Lives

I love corn. Corn on the cob, corn in a bowl, popcorn, corn bread, corn chili, corn on pizza, you name it. The only problem is, cooking a fresh ear of corn on… Continue reading

Good Eats: Chipotle Margaritas Get Makeover With Patron Tequila

Starting April 29 and just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Chipotle has announced that it will now serve hand-made margaritas with a choice of Patron or Sauza tequila. The new margaritas will… Continue reading

Good Eats: Chipotle Prices May Rise On Higher Food Costs

The burrito seller announced on Thursday that it will likely raise prices later this year to combat the higher cost of ingredients, the Wall Street Journal reports. Currently, an average meal at Chipotle… Continue reading

Good Eats: 9 Foods That Reduce Stress Levels

Oranges A German study in Psychopharmacology found that vitamin C helps reduce stress and return blood pressure and cortisol to normal levels after a stressful situation. Vitamin C is also well-known for boosting… Continue reading

Good Eats: Restaurants That Will Be Open Christmas Day 2012

ALL OR ALMOST ALL LOCATIONS ARE OPEN CHRISTMAS DAY 2012: Denny’s IHOP Jack in the Box Starbucks Waffle House SOME LOCATIONS ARE OPEN CHRISTMAS DAY 2012: Baskin-Robbins Boston Market Buffalo Wild Wings Burger… Continue reading

Good Eats: The Food Chains With The Best Quality

HuffPost Food has partnered with YouGov BrandIndex to determine the state of the dining industry in 2012, specifically as it pertains to the value and the quality of every major dining chain in… Continue reading

Good Eats: Loaded Gun Found Packed In Frozen Ribs

A worker at Albertsons opened a case of frozen ribs Wednesday and found a handgun and ammunition packed with the meat. A police report shows that the meat came from the Swift Packing… Continue reading

Good Eats: McDonald’s France Sells Bagel Burgers

McDonald’s is wildly popular in France and the restaurants are significantly fancier there than they are in America. Apparently they are also more creative, McDonald’s France wanted to follow its smash hit McBaguette… Continue reading

Good Eats: 10 Things The Fast Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Think your Big Mac was flipped by a teenager just looking for some pocket change? That’s less and less the case these days. Find out the average age of a fast food worker… Continue reading