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22 Signs Your Life Is Going As Planned (Read & Digest)

1. You don’t really know how to explain your job, because you’re constantly hesitating between “this is what I really want to do” and trying to somehow hint at “I won’t be broke… Continue reading

Insta-Illusions (Read & Digest)

How the Internet is ruining your love life In my generation, we face an immensity of problems that others have not had the pleasure to endure: broken iPhone screens, too many channels on… Continue reading

20 Things Every 20-Something Must Learn To Do (Read & Digest)

1. Learn to be who you are, and do not be ashamed of what that person thinks, creates, feels and desires. Wear what you want, date who you want and do what you… Continue reading

7 Things You Need To Start Doing Today (Read & Digest)

1. Responding promptly to messages. This is going to be one of those “Do as I say, not as I do things” that you used to be so fond of with your parents.… Continue reading

22 Things We Have To Stop Sharing On Facebook (Read & Digest)

1. Weirdly intrusive pictures of your children that you know damn well they would not want the whole world to be looking at if they had the choice/awareness about it. 2. Passive-aggressive posts… Continue reading

6 Ways To Deal With Rejection (Read & Digest)

1. Avoid the person who rejected you like the plague, at least for a little while. Having to face someone who just rejected you the next day or maybe even the next hour… Continue reading

22 Signs You’ve Been Single Too Long (Read & Digest)

1. On more than one occasion, you have gone out with friends specifically with the intention of meeting someone at the bar, and have completely ignored the company you actually came with. 2.… Continue reading

Being Single For Most Of My 20s Has Been Pretty Awesome (Read & Digest)

I don’t know why I keep going out on dates because I really don’t even want a boyfriend (unless it’s you, Lukas and then “HI.”). I have liked a few people here and… Continue reading

You Say You Don’t Want A Boyfriend, But You Know That’s Not True (Read & Digest)

I know; I say the same thing. I write about it on my personal blog — the one where people I really know can read me and maybe talk amongst each other about… Continue reading

Your Subconscious Is Controlling Your Life (Read & Digest)

You have your thinking mind and your subconscious mind. The best way I’ve heard the latter described is that it’s like a tape player, a computer, a processor, replaying whatever you program it… Continue reading