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Raw Talent: High School Freshman “Malik Monk” (Season Highlights)

Malik Monk, the Freshman out of Lepanto, AR has got some serious skill and bounce. Take a look at this highlight tape and be on the look out for this young man in… Continue reading

Raw Talent: “Morg Paige”

Art. Graphics. Visuals. I can’t leave it… I tried. It’s just that I was so not inspired… no new artists inspired me… every older artist was boring me. So I said to myself,… Continue reading

Raw Talent: “Clifton Agbortabi”

Put on by my friend Desi, one dude I feel is extremely talented out of Denver is the homie Clifton. He has this ill way of coming up with visuals like nobody I’ve… Continue reading

Raw Talent: “Neil Tucker”

It was a chill Friday and life runs through my mind as I was at Social Status. Yeah, so I met the cool Neil Tucker and got to thinking about the things we’re… Continue reading

Raw Talent: Jordan McLaughlin

I came across this mix that made for a very talented guard out of Etiwanda High School in California. This kid can flat out ball! Jordan is a solid 6 foot pure… Continue reading

Raw Talent: Ashton Smith “FitchKid Photography”

DRUM ROLL PLEASE FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHER ON THE RISE “FITCH KID”! I can’t say much else besides the fact that one of my closest friends has been a huge inspiration to me since… Continue reading

Raw Talent: Mickey Mitchell “Highlight Tape”

Mickey Mitchell is NICE. its not often that we run across a 6’7″ highschool Freshmen who can handle, and pass the rock like he can. Take a look at the video above and… Continue reading

Raw Talent: John Selby “Geek’d Graphics”

Contact: Oh… I invite anybody to ask me who’s the first person I call to get graphic art done. I would love to explain how this guy can do anything from twitter… Continue reading

Raw Talent: “Dáreece Walker”

This raw talent post is dedicated a phenomenal artist by the name of Dáreece Walker. Where do I start, I mean this guy does great artwork and i’m glad to see so much… Continue reading

Raw Talent: Mike Nance

This is good friend of mine that goes by the name of Mike Nance, this guy is a true artist and his talent is amazing. Mike is a workaholic and a perfectionist at… Continue reading