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Let’s Talk Money: 10 Most Expensive Places to Live in the U.S.

Which U.S. cities have the highest costs of living? The Council for Community and Economic Research recently measured the prices of common purchases in 307 urban areas to find the cost of the… Continue reading

Let’s Talk Money: The 8 Most-Missed Tax Deductions and Credits

It’s hard to believe we are going into the home stretch of the 2012 tax season. With not much time left, taxpayers often make mistake, as they begin to scramble to quickly get… Continue reading

Let’s Talk Money: Billionaire Richard Branson Agrees To Give Away Half Of His Wealth

The founder of Virgin Group and his wife, Joan, are part of the first cohort of non-U.S. billionaires who have signed up to give away half their wealth to charity through the Giving… Continue reading

Let’s Talk Money: Minimum Wage Would Be $21.72 If It Kept Pace With Increases In Productivity

President Obama’s call to increase the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour was one of the more significant proposals he laid out in his State of the Union address Tuesday night. But… Continue reading

Let’s Talk Money: IRS Cracks Down On Identity Theft & Tax Fraud

With tax filing season heating up, an aggressive Internal Revenue Service crackdown is targeting the growing problem of criminals who use stolen identities to seek tens of thousands of dollars in fraudulent tax… Continue reading

Let’s Talk Money: America’s Fastest Growing Cities, 2013

Take a look at America’s fastest growing cities for the year 2013. 10. Portland, OR M.S.A.: Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WA 2012 Population growth rate: 1.8% 2013 Population growth rate: 1.8% Job growth rate: 1.7% Unemployment:… Continue reading

Let’s Talk Money: Jobless 20-Something? Here’s What You Need To Do

I know a lot of young people who are unemployed. The advice I want to give them is this. You are unemployed because you’re an entitled little prick with no practical skills or… Continue reading

Let’s Talk Money: Man pays off $14K Property Tax Bill With Dollar Bills, Coins

Paying bills can be a hardship, especially ones that total $14,000. Larry Gasper of Redding, Calif., thanks to the generosity of friends and family, was able to pay his substantial property tax bill—without… Continue reading

Let’s Talk Money: 30 Things You Experience When You’re Broke

1. Stretching an absurdly small amount, like $20, for a brutal week or so until your next payday arrives. The paycheck-to-paycheck life is never a relaxing one, but it’s always interesting. 2. The… Continue reading

Let’s Talk Money: Largest Bank Account Balance You Will Ever See On An ATM Receipt stumbled upon this piece of gold in East Hampton, NY. Apparently the individuals in that area are very well off and while we know that there may be others out there that… Continue reading