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Fashion Friday: “My Prada Say Prada And Your Prada Say Fila”

It’s your girl Kennedy Jean, sorry I’ve been gone but I’m back! While I’ve been gone I’ve been seeing some funny stuff, generic brands. You ever be at the grocery store and see… Continue reading

Fashion Friday: “Denim, Denim, Denim!”

Since last summer, denim jackets have been in. Now its denim jackets, vests, dresses, jumpers, shirts, leggings, and shoes. What is acceptable to wear these with is the question. A lot of people… Continue reading

Fashion Friday: “White”

It can be so pure, so crisp, and so bright…you know I’m talking about the color white. Honestly, I think that white is the best color when it comes to dressing. White goes… Continue reading

Fashion Friday: “Layers”

Layering is a skill! Every layer has to make an outfit, matching is key. In the winter if you wear pants, shirt, hoodie, and a coat, if you take off any layer you… Continue reading

Fashion Friday: “Tuxedos For No Reason”

I love a guy who knows how to wear a suit, now a tuxedo that’s a different story. Suits are for the business world, the everyday working man. Meanwhile tuxedos are for fancy… Continue reading

Fashion Friday: “Who Got Game”

The “He Got Game” 13s were just re-released last Saturday March 16th. As much as people were tweaking to get these shoes last Saturday, I bet not even half of them know why… Continue reading

Fashion Friday: “Got Style”

Style is fashion sense and swag all in one. Not many people know the difference between the three, people aren’t even hip to the fact that fashion sense and swag are a part… Continue reading

Fashion Friday: Rihanna Receives Custom Givenchy T-shirt from Riccardo Tisci

Rihanna instagrammed a picture of a custom made t-shirt with a painted image of herself, which was sent from Mr. Tisci himself. The tee features designs from past collections mixed together with similar… Continue reading

Fashion Friday: Scott Disick

Seems like Kanye has influenced some of The Kardashians style. Scott Disick was seen out and about with his son Mason in Calabasas, California. He wore a black Pierre Balmain bomber jacket layered… Continue reading

Fashion Friday: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba was seen at a Matushisa restaurant in Los Angeles. The actress was wearing a Gerard Darel Leather Trim Two Tone Collared Long Coat ($592) with a pair of Christian Louboutin Troop… Continue reading