Fashion Friday: Tribe Clarity Summer 2012 Recap

The summer is coming to a close so to sum it up, it was a great summer for Tribe Clarity. We had our first event for the release of our product, we hosted a summer cookout, landed our first clothing account in Ethan’s Room Skate Shop, and we’ve managed to meet a lot of great individuals and also bring people together in a positive way. We’ve covered a lot in our first year of service so with this post we just want to take time to reflect on that. Special thank you to everybody who helps or supports Tribe clarity in any way, shape, or form. You are truly appreciated. Also thank you to those of you that visit TCL on regular basis. It means so much to us because we do this for you. Winter 2012 is approaching slowly so we are working hard to make sure we bring you quality clothing and great posts for the blog. We are working OT. Take a look at some of the images from summer 2012 below.

G.O.O.D. Music: “The Morning”