Throwback Thursday: “Peace, Love, Crunk.”

Atlanta’s music has progressed through so many cool phases over the years. Since the 90’s with Outkast, Goodie Mob, Kilo Ali and So So Def, to the present with 2Chainz, Future, Two-9 and Chiiirp, just to name a few. It’s been lovely experiencing a few of these phases and personally, I miss the Crunk days.

I miss those Lil’ Jon club anthems that made the crowd go wild and erupt into a human stampede. It was 2002, I was 12 years old and new to Atlanta. I came from Michigan, where the house music was prevalent and The Eminem Show was in constant rotation in my CD player. Anti-skip. Haha. I was in 7th grade and became friends with a girl whose stepdad was a DJ. He had his own crew and threw teen parties around the Northside of Atlanta. Those parties and hours of constant searching through his collection introduced me to so much southern rap on the come up in the city. I somehow got a hold of the club scene in East ATL and it didn’t take long until we were up at the Atrium and Aquarium every weekend, partying with the 18 and up crowd. For some reason, they never asked for I.D. so we just partied hard like everyone else. The Ying Yang Twins were one of my favorite acts from the Crunk era. Their contagious energy and raunchy lyrics with a hint of the booty-bouncing bass made for a highly energetic party.

Enter Ying Yang land for a second.

A collaboration between Lil Jon and Ying Yang made it even more exciting in the city
during these “Get Buck, Get Crunk” days.

Get Low with Lil Jon…. I KNOW y’all remember this.

All I’m saying is that this era definitely made a mark in my history book of music
growing up and I’m pretty sure most would feel me on that. So take a trip down memory lane and have a Crunk Ass THURSDAY!!! More videos below.

Much Love,