Daily Archive: August 29, 2012

New Video: Eric Thomas “Greatness Is Upon You”

ET is back again with another inspirational clip to start the day. This time Eric explains his “WHY” to the Auburn Tigers football team. Greatness is upon us, let’s work.

Trey Songz Chapter V Tops Charts (Thank You Letter)

Tomorrow, Trey Songz fifth album “Chapter V” will find itself at number one on the charts. According to HDD, it has moved an estimated 134,600 in first week sales. Take a look at… Continue reading

“This Is Me Dedicated To You” (Read & Digest)

This is dedicated to all my fears. My doubts. My enemies. I am no longer allowing people and things who never really mattered in the beginning to determine my ending. This day forth… Continue reading

Good Eats: We’ve Been Using Tic Tac Containers Wrong

I honestly never knew this and I know for a fact that i’m not alone, it seems like we’ve been dispensing tic tacs the wrong way for years. take a look at the… Continue reading

Tech: Austin Yang “iTypewriter”

This is very cool, Austin Yang has created the “iTypewriter.” At first glance, the iTypewriter looks like an old-fashioned typewriter but it’s musch more than that. The iTypewriter seeks to integrate the old… Continue reading

New Video: Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan Identical Plays

Here is a new series of nearly identical clips by two of the greatest players of all time. This one is for true basketball fans only no need for the long write up.… Continue reading

Chipotle Caught Cheating Customers Out Of Pennies

Here’s some shocking news, Americas favorite restaurant was caught tacking extra pennies onto our total for their potential benefit. Chipotle locations around the country have been doing this and we don’t know how… Continue reading

New Video: Big Sean Previews “How I Feel”

Big Sean does it the Detroit player way, he gives us a sneak peek of a new track off his September 5 release, “Detroit.” Nice video, better track. This is the big sean… Continue reading