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From what the homie Diallo has clued me in on Strange Society’s fall release, and knowing what that team is capable of, SS will deliver. I have to say with all the hate surrounding TC and SS in CO Springs right now one would never understand the ties between brands. Back in 2009 when I first moved to Colorado, these guys were the closet people I had to fam, and still are. So how could there ever be a “battle of the brands” lol? How could we be in competition? Nah, that’s just outside perception of people who don’t have a clue really.

Somebody a couple days ago deadass was attempting to have a convo on the situation and the comments said were pretty intense. Those who follow SS’s blog know he uses what inspires his style, what he grew up on, and life experiences to cultivate ideas for his designs and concepts. If they’re Lupe heads, why wouldn’t Lupe be somehow implemented into the brand’s overall message. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion so I understand. Some people don’t like TC… Some People don’t like SS and that’s cool because we do this for y’all but WE DON’T REALLY DO THIS FOR Y’ALL! We all do this because creating is our passion and we’re not influenced too much on surface opinions, dig me?

Here’s my opinion from not only being Diallo’s friend, but seeing him work day and night on what he has a passion for. I look at it like this. Dude is not all talk. He’ll tell you what his inspiration is and how he can incorporate that idea with his twist and actually do it. America is filled with haters… that is something we all know. However when what people are calling ugly, and unoriginal, and stupid, is being bought and sold overseas and country wide… it’s like… respect that. Some people out here don’t even know who to call to get their stuff in a store. They’re just sitting at home with a bunch of T-Shirts putting links on everybody’s Facebook wall. Come on, It’s progress. Think about where Strange Kid started. The “Sloppy Heart” tee that was sold out of trunks, that was mad fresh and different but remained popular and helped the brand get to where it is today. Let’s talk about the first American Nightmare drop that had people worried that it was the next thing to pop. After that, it gave a bunch of brand owners and upcoming designers a bit of motivation and hope, including me. It was the cats like Ray, Gabe, and Eman from Required Attire, and Diallo and the SS team that inspired me to get off my ass and work on my dream (Tribe Clarity). Understand the story. Where there are haters, there are twice as many lovers, maybe even three times.

I’m sitting here and analyzing everything and trying to understand some people… but then on the flipside… it’s like… there are established brands that have taken a bite of a past cartoon, or a past design, or a concept. Nothing is new under the sun. History repeats itself in different but similar ways. Rocksmith, Crooks N’ Castles, The Hundreds, Freshjive, Stussy, Tisa… Tisa for damn sure. I understand if you sit at home and bored on twitter and lash out on how there is no originality, the brand is too “different”, not creative, and say people have too much time on their hands. That’s cool dude… but just realize while you’re doing that… me as a witness first hand, money is being made and I’m proud of my fam over at SS. Understand the hard work that’s being put in behind the scenes and that no real attention is being paid to your tweets.

So if you want to say anything about an up and coming brand so much that you have to slander people’s names, realize that if you hate it so much, it shouldn’t have your attention like that. Realize it shouldn’t easily get under your skin that someone made a piece inspired by a concept you probably forgot about. Realize you say you don’t like someone, but make the time to speak on them and what they do. We call those fans that are unsure as to why they’re not in the position they desire to be in. I’m from the eastside of Pittsburgh… if we don’t like you, you don’t even get a glance from us.. we keep it pushin’. Your name doesn’t deserve to be in our mouths. So I respect Dom, SS, Lifers, Odds and Ends, RA, highly for the love and the hate they get… that’s awesome. More heat from all of us coming soon. Much love, but enough of that… Go cop some swag!! –MD