Open Your Mind (Read & Digest)

One thing that I cannot stand is a person who is close minded, i’m sure a lot of you out there can agree. It’s very difficult to intelligently deal with close minded people, it gets very frustrating. The fact that a person can be so stubborn and trapped in their own mind is amazing to me, I mean you can’t possibly think that you got it all figured out… can you? I’m going to keep this one very brief because I honestly don’t feel like I need to elaborate on what it means to be close minded, the majority of people reading this post have dealt with a person like this and if you haven’t then be thankful. Before I go I just want to leave the viewers with a few tips that helped me see things a lot clearer and open my mind a bit. First you should start practicing the acceptance of new ideas, listen better to those around you, and give every possibility an equal chance. If you can avoid writing off any one idea or dream as being unrealistic or unachievable, your open thinking will bring about more possibilities. In other words, stop being so stubborn, listen to new ideas, stop shooting down dreams, stay positive, and when something seems a little weird or out of the norm don’t be so judgmental give it an equal chance, you never know you might actually like it. To all the TCL viewers let’s continue to grow and keep an open mind, I promise you won’t regret it.. Work

Article By: Dominic Jennings