New Mixtape: Maui “L.L.L Purple Edition”

Download: Maui – L.L.L Purple Edition

Maui, new to most, may not be the best rapper yet but from what I’ve heard on his first project dude is getting better with the flow. The man is working hard on perfecting his craft and it’s only a matter of time before the work catches up with his taste. Always keeps a clean style and he has to be in the top 10 flyest young bols coming out. The tape has a nice vibe to it, real chill and fun but I just feel like Maui needs just a little more character when he rhymes so the song doesn’t bore out fast… other than that, WE OUTCHEAAA. –MD

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Wait, wait!! Before you download the tape, check out the very exclusive and raw interview below and get to know the person behind the music:

1) What inspired you to become a rap artist?

I was inspired to become a rap artist as kid by Jay-Z. That was all I listened to and I really looked up to him as a rapper and over the years as a businessman.

2) When did you first realize you wanted to become a rapper?

I realized I wanted to be a rapper when I found out how hard it was to make beats, haha. But it just came naturally like it was something I was supposed to pursue.

3) How did friends and family react when you decided to pursue a career in rap music?

Ughh at first friends thought it was a joke but I dropped a couple tracks just fucking around and got everyone’s attention. My family is very supportive. My mom is a big fan and understands my art. It helps me a lot to know that I have her support.

4) Do you have any regrets in pursuing this career?

I have no regrets in pursuing music, it’s my passion, and so I’ll just keep going hard even after I make it to the top.

5) How do you separate yourself from other artists?

I feel like I have a different style than any other artist. I’m very versatile meaning that I can get on any kind of beat and murder it. A lot of these monotone rappers can’t say the same.

6) How did you feel after you dropped your first mixtape, Luxury.Life.Love.?

After we dropped the first EP Luxury.Life.Love. I felt good like I finally had a solid project to stand on. I was content but I knew the new stuff would be a lot better. As an artist your next project should always be your best project.

7) What are some inspirations behind your lyrics?

Inspirations behind my lyrics are just things that I’ve witnessed in my life. Everything I say I’ve seen or been through so people can relate to it.

8) How has going to school in Philly influenced your style/music?

Going to school in Philly has really influenced my music because all my Savage Mob niggas and me really did was record freestyles 24/7 in the dorm and at parties we would have ciphers. This forced me to get better at coming up with shit off the top of my head. Without that time at school with my niggas I don’t think my music would have the same effect. Nowadays I don’t even write before I go into the studio.

9) Who would you like to work with in the future?

In the future I would like to work with Rockie Fresh. I feel like we would make some dope music. Juicy J is a legend I would love to work with it would be Trippy! As for any producers, anybody who wants to work and is passionate about music like I am is cool with me.

10) What obstacles did you have to overcome to get this far?

Obstacles I’ve had to overcome so far have been haters but that shit is motivation and comes with the territory. Hmm really being able to do a three verse song was hard at first but I love doing multiple verses now.

11) Any Shout outs?

Shout out to everybody supporting the £.£.£ and C.E.$ movement. My bro’s Terrell aka Luminous Rell and Chad Copeland, SavageMob, and Tribe Clarity Livin’ for hosting Purple Edition good looks!