Raw Talent: Mike Nance

This is good friend of mine that goes by the name of Mike Nance, this guy is a true artist and his talent is amazing. Mike is a workaholic and a perfectionist at his craft, he’s one of the most humble and respectful people that I have ever met and he’s a true man of his word. I’m 100% sure that he will be up next his time is coming. He has done so much work that we couldnt put it all in one post but Mike is a tattoo artist in a shop out in Denver, CO called love/hate tattoos and you can tell from the artwork above that he’s dope. He has done artwork for smoke Dza’s latest album “rolling stoned” he has many paintings and videos like the ones attached to this post, he does artwork on skateboard decks, he frames his work, and he even helps Tribe Clarity with their designs. Mike is literally into everything and hes making big moves. With that being said if you need any work done contact him on twitter or on facebook. Check out the videos below to get a better look it’s.. CRAZY… ps. special s/o to Trenton Cotten for the video work, keep it coming.