We Workin’ (Read & Digest)

I know you can go anywhere on the internet and find some group who “says” that are trying to start a movement. Everyone one of the groups can “say” they are different from the others. The only problem with most of the groups is all they do is “say” they will do those things, but you never see the change. Tribe Clarity was started after an event that truly brought us all close together; we didn’t just sit around and randomly decide to do it. We have seen what is holding our generation back, now we are trying to help everyone to get over the hump. We stress clarity, humanity, and simplicity. These all have so much meaning behind them, and are complete different post in their self. In the end of the things I can sit here and tell you this, but I rather not. Just stay tuned and become a part of the experience and movement that we call TRIBE CLARITY LIVIN. Many more moves to come.

Tre’ Giles (TreGiles_TCL)