Daily Archive: July 26, 2012

New Music: Upper Classman “Class”

Download: Upper Classman – Class Man I love this song for 3 reasons… 1. My brother and fellow Widefield, CO native Justin W. has shown mad progression from his previous works. Just to… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Nelly “Ride With Me”

Wow I was only 10 years old when this came out and at the time I loved this song, i’m sure a lot of you feel the same. With that being said take… Continue reading

New Video: Ice Cube On ESPN First Take

Laker fan Ice Cube joins the First Take team to discuss the team’s offseason moves, what are your thoughts?

New Music: Sir Michael Rocks Feat. Rockie Fresh “Can’t Hide It”

Sir Michael Rocks recruits Rockie Fresh for the second leak off his album, “Lap of Lux” which drops August 2nd. You have to hear this one.

New Video: Nipsey Hussle “They Know”

Nipsey continues the marathon by bring us another dope visual, can’t be mad at that. Take a look.

We Workin’ (Read & Digest)

I know you can go anywhere on the internet and find some group who “says” that are trying to start a movement. Everyone one of the groups can “say” they are different from… Continue reading

New Mixtape: Maui “L.L.L. Purple Edition” (Promo)

Maui is a rapper born in Baltimore, MD but currently living in Annapolis, MD and has been in the underground rap scene for a year. He continues to show his progression and gets… Continue reading

New Music: Rye “Scented”

Download: Rye – Scented Yeaaahh another fresh track from the homie. Rye really goes in and if you haven’t heard any of the previous songs that we’ve posted, please dig deeper into the… Continue reading

New Video: Lupe Fiasco Breaks Down In Tears When Sway Shows Him Old Footage Of His Block In Chicago

When I watched this it gave me chills, these are real emotions from a real man and if you know struggle then you will feel this one. I can’t agree with Lupe more… Continue reading

Architecture: Island Retreat

“Dreams of retreating to a quiet island are very close to reality for the lucky family able to claim ownership of this impressive and self-sustaining New Zealand retreat designed by Fearon Hay Architects.… Continue reading