Brands To Look For: “Profound Aesthetic”

“We live in a world of dreamers and realists. Dreamers fly; realists stay grounded. A great man once said, one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd, yet one who walks alone is likely to find themselves in a place no one has ever been. This collection shines light onto the beauty of individuality. To live amongst a society of immense variation and to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is to fight one of life’s greatest battles. We welcome you to join the Profound Aesthetic Academy and live enormously amongst all colors of mankind.”

There’s a lot of clothing brands on the come up that I don’t bang with and Profound Aesthetic is definitely not one of them. Right out of New Jersey, these dudes are starting off strong and putting out quality material aligned with an important, believable message. Profound Aesthetic may be a young brand but it’s motives are very mature and that’s super rare now-a-days. They produce high quality goods, clean designs, and there’s no doubt that they’ll make an impact in the fashion world. Check out my favorite lookbooks titled “Top Of The Class” below and the “Amongst Mankind Collection” teaser above…… Oh and almost forgot to tell you guys to cop up on some other dope threads right HERE! Much love. –MD