New Mixtape: Truck Turner “I Need A Bag Of Dope Vol 3”

Download: I Need A Bag Of Dope Vol 3

Nah, this excites the hell out of me. The excitement that I miss man. It’s about to be a real artistic and musical year out here in CO. I followed the whole “I Need A Bag Of Dope” series and you just can’t miss the progression. This is kind of a must listen for the dudes who’ve seen and lived struggle, art enthusiasts, writers and just the dudes that love this life. Not to many sounds on this one.. Just the sound all of us grinders enjoy. The sound you would say the b word and get hype to but homeland security might violate.. lol.. hitting walls, racking cans and just going for that spot you have to make a name on. A sound others may not be used to… but that’s what we’re here for… Download and check it out after the jump. Respect! –MD