Stop Complaining (Read & Digest)

The Complainer Seed

Think about it like this…. Consider that if something unfortunate happens to you, and you’re going to complain about it afterwards, then there must have been some kind of complainer seed within you in the first place… before that negative event took place. You must already have been the kind of person who’s predisposed to complain. And if that seed is there, you can bet that every time something doesn’t go your way, You’ll most likely complain.

Positive people that just boss up and handle their problems on site, don’t complain. Even when things don’t go their way, they keep directing their thoughts towards the positive side. They expect that things will eventually go their way. Setbacks don’t make them throw in the towel…. because the complainer seed is not in them… They’re not going to be perfect about it, but this is their dominant pattern.

If you want to live and create the life you really want, instead of one you can barely tolerate, BOSS UP and uproot that complainer seed. This seed is so destructive that it will keep killing the positive seeds you plant. It knows it can eventually destroy them. It knows you’re only fooling yourself. It will make you think the positive seeds you’re planting are really the weeds… You ever heard of wishful thinking or gullibility? Whoa.

When you finally figure out that the complainer seed will continue to sabotage your efforts as long as you harbor it, make the conscious decision to dump it. Only then can your positive intentions take root without being uprooted.

Whenever you catch yourself complaining, visualize that complainer seed, and imagine yourself uprooting it and throwing it away. Feed it to the birds. Give it back to the source. Or just toss it in the trash. Then visualize a positive thinking seed, plant it, fertilize it, and water it. Let it grow…. –MD

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