Flashback: Chocolate “Dojo Fight Scene”

Nah so, last night I mentioned this movie to the homies and they thought I was trippin’, and I wouldn’t blame them for judging the title. BUT!!!!! Chocolate is one of the greatest kung fu movies I’ve watched and the story is ill. The story is about a girl who has a case of autism but her illness allows her to imitate and learn different styles of fighting. When trouble comes to her family she uses all she knows to save the ones she loves. I sound like a damn movie commercial..LOL. The fight scene below pretty much sums that whole speech up. Yes Yes, I know but yo… I love karate flicks. The day I meet a bomb chick that can share that passion along with others… I’m going to Tiffany’s and she’s forever mine yo. Ha! But shh shh.. watch Chocolate and get amped. –MD