Daily Archive: June 25, 2012

Style: Summer Trend “Camo Prints”

I tried to stay away from this go to print this season but it’s ohdee clutch. It’s almost like a neutral or solid that goes with “everything you wanna weeeaaaarrrr”. Haha word to… Continue reading

Boss Up Or Die (Read & Digest)

Tired of all these excuses of why people aren’t doing something. We need to kill that as a generation because everyone has problems, everyone has something they’re going through. Yes, some have it… Continue reading

Final Beam Goes Up At 4 World Trade Center

The steel construction of 4 World Trade Center is drawing to a close. Construction workers removed their helmets and looked on teary-eyed as the final steel beam of the tower was lifted into… Continue reading

Denver Officer Killed Near Park Concert

The news doesnt seem to get any better, Denver police say that police officer Celena Hollis has died after being shot in the head while trying to break up a confrontation at a… Continue reading

Lebron James Sends A Message To His Haters

Haha Nah, I was saying after the game that Bron should put middle fingers up if he won. Every pic. Every interview, and answer all questions while my middle fingers are up lol.… Continue reading

Eiffel Tower Suicide

Paris police say that a 25-year-old man snuck pass security measures and climbed the Eiffel Tower before jumping from the landmark to his death. The man climbed the tower’s western pillar after it… Continue reading

Wiz Khalifa “SBTV” Freestyle

During a studio session in London, SBTV caught up with wiz for a few bars. The new album “O.N.I.F.C.” drops August 28.