Thoughts (06/20/2012)

A better mind… that’s only because I’m pursuing a better grind… I got better with time. No matter what I go through, it’s like there’s always a light giving me hope. I keep the realest of friends around me and only chill with women that keep it real with themselves before keeping it real with me… that’s where a lot of dudes slip up. I learn from experience. People that don’t know how to handle themselves won’t be able to keep it a buck with you no matter how much you talk to ’em. I got better with time. I was humbled by a woman that told me about myself…. then kissed me… then slapped me. Such a good friend. I’ve watched the young act young, the immature show off, the mature teach me. Always learning… a student til I die even when I’m paving a path for the next. Reppin’ the Burgh, got a good head on my shoulders. Talkin to God, hopin’ He hears me. Several women from my past squashed the animosity and text me on the regular as friends.. some flirting.. but I’m smarter than that. I got better with time. My baby sister is growin’ up to be a beautiful girl. My family and I patchin’ up some dark areas…. my father is the man… gave me a lot of my wisdom. I appreciate things. Shoutouts to beautiful women with the focus of a genius. The heart of a real rider and a passionate soul. They get better with time. Workin’… we workin’… I’m smiling.. finally. A troubled soul seeing light as he walks to an end of that dark tunnel. The plan is more than money forever. Dig. –MD