Early Bird: “Go To Bed When You’re Sleepy” (Read & Digest)

It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.

It’s always a good mood for me at 5:30 A.M in the morning because I’m happy I woke up. I have to admit sometimes I feel like for me to wake up after the things I’ve done is blessing enough. When I wake up it’s thanks to the most high. Always life on my mind, women on my mind… Well lately it’s just been one girl… special. I’m smiling typing this, thinking about her. Glad she’s back in my life yo. My family on my mind all in these morning hours. The wrongs of my past, and the choices I make in the present. If… and lately that’s a big if, I go to a party the night before, the scenes play back in my mind. Foolish actions, words said if I drink then I just usually need to eat. I meet a bunch of women… but all of ’em somehow seem the same. Typical party animals, dancing with their friends half naked. Doesn’t really excite me anymore…. the people I know or chill with make those events special. Something about the morning. I miss my niggas.. pause. My dudes Gabe, Marcel, Mike W, Juss Money and Nick. My dude Rob, my dude Dom… lol.. that nigga. My dude Ray. I mean I don’t think about these dudes everyday.. lol.. But they do come to mind. Fam. Real G’s miss they fellow G’s. I’m trying to stop saying nigga… lol, give me some time.

Anyway, off that.. but one of the reasons why I can wake up this early everyday and have extra time to think or read, is because I go to bed only when I’m tired. Instead of going to bed at a fixed time each night, I stay up until I’m sleepy. If you’re lying awake at night for 30 minutes or more trying to fall asleep, I’d say you’ve gone to bed too early. Get up and read for a while. When you start to nod off while reading or watching TV, it’s time for zzz’s.

Most nights I can fall asleep within a few minutes after lying down. If I’m not sleepy, I stay up until I am. Sometimes I’m ready to crash at 9:30. Other times I’ll stay up until 12:30. But most of the time the onset of sleepiness occurs pretty close to the same time, which for me is between 10 and 10:30. I perceive it as a nudging that tells me if I lie down, I’ll be able to fall asleep fast.

So, in all, if you start going to bed when you’re sleepy and get up at a fixed time each morning, your body will eventually adapt. For clarity I should add the caveat, “… if you aren’t excessively messing with your biochemistry.” Much of the feedback I’ve received tells me that most people can adapt to becoming early risers within about 3-5 days…. That’s how long it takes them to hone in on a fairly consistent bedtime that gives them enough sleep to feel well-rested the next morning and not feel like crap though out the day. However, the ones who eat a really poor diet or who drink every night rarely make it past the third day; they almost always give up… There you go. –MD

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