Daily Archive: June 11, 2012

Tech: Apple’s Mountain Lion Comes With 200 New Features

Mountain Lion (OS X version 10.8) is like OS X and iOS combine with a host of 200 new features. Today at Apple’s WWDC they announced that first on the list will be… Continue reading

Find Clarity Part III (Read & Digest)

Clarity of “Living” vs. Clarity of “Life Clarity of “living” is knowing that you matter… Clarity of “life” is knowing what you matter for. Deep concept, I know. Clarity of living is the… Continue reading

New Video: Chris Brown “Don’t Wake Me Up”

Under the direction of Colin Tilley, Chris Brown brings us his new visual. The new album “Fortune” in stores July 3.

New Video: i am OTHER: Stereotypes “Are You A Hipster?”

Do you consider yourself a “hipster”? Answering “NO” to this question may actually be proof that you are. Take a look, what is a “hipster” to you?

New Video: The Manhattan Project “Time Lapse”

“From exhilarating vistas at the tops of buildings, to unique vantage points at the street level, budding professional photographer Cameron Michaels spent weeks lugging over a 120 pounds of camera gear all around… Continue reading

Deadly Shooting In Alabama

Sunday, June 10, 2012. A gunman opened fire during a fight at a party at an apartment complex near Auburn University. The gunman killed three people, including two former school football players R.I.P.… Continue reading

Weekly Wisdom: “Self-Value”

“When a man knows his self-value, they carry themselves just a tad bit different.” -Anonymous