Daily Archive: June 8, 2012

New Music: Frank Ocean “Pyramids”

Frank Ocean gives us a new track in it’s entirety—All 9 minutes of it! The new album “Channel Orange” drops July 17th.

New Video: Ryan Leslie “Rain in Australia”

Ryan Leslie gives us a visual to accompany a recently promoted track “Rain in Australia”. Documenting his live show at the Metro Theatre in Sydney, the clip stays true to the song title… Continue reading

US Goverment Plans To Eliminate The Possiblility Of A Car Crash

Here’s some interesting news for you, the display at a recent transportation conference was a peek into the future of automotive safety: Soon cars will be able to talk to each other and… Continue reading

TCL’s 18 Tips to Boost Your Productivity (Read & Digest)

So the strength of these tips is that they break the deadlock of indecision and get you into action. As you take action you begin to explore the solution space, which deepens your… Continue reading

Sharp Neon Genesis Evangelion SH-06D Android Phone

“The Sharp Neon Genesis Evangelion SH-06D Android Phone is a limited edition mobile phone reserved to the Japanese marketplace. Reserved to only 10,000 units, the highly-customized phone features distinct casing, hardware buttons and… Continue reading

Frank Ocean Releases LP Title & Date

Frank is set to release his debut album, “Cannel Orange” on July 17th but until then, here’s a preview of some new material. Take a look.

New Video: Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat (Game 6 Highlights)

LeBron James went in when the pressure was on, he scored 45 points, had 15 rebounds and gave 5 assists in game 6 vs the Boston Celtics. LeBron James dominated the Celtics in… Continue reading

Fashion Friday: Jay-Z, Pusha-T & Tyga

Jay-Z was seen carrying his daughter Blue Ivy outside the Meurice Hotel in Paris, France. He was spotted wearing a Balmain leather punk jacket ($5,107) from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, cargo pants, and… Continue reading

New Video: Robin Thicke “All Tied Up”

Here’s something smooth to get your night started the right way. Robin’s new album “Love After War” is in stores now. Support good music.