Tribe Clarity Lifestyle (Read & Digest)

Never quit. Never stop fighting for what you believe in. Never be scared to go against the grain. If the majority you’re tired of hearing and seeing is going left… go right. Become the head and not the tail. We are leaders and we are destined for greatness. We can prosper if we work hard… work smart. Fathers take care of your kids and bring ’em up with the guidance they need to succeed. Positive influence is hardly in schools. It’s hardly in music… it’s hardly in the streets we’re raised in. Fathers and mothers be that positive they need. Stand strong for you and those you love. Protect and ride for those you trust and those who show they’re trustworthy. Black or white, latino, asian, big or small….. stay true to your character and show love. It takes so much energy to hate the next man. We not living that lifestyle. We Tribe Clarity Livin’. We can do anything, but nothing is easy. Stop expecting it to be.. you can get put on but it still takes work to stay on. Speak up and voice your opinion. Why die with words unsaid? Why wonder what if? Take a stand and make an impact. Everything positive and said over and over may sound cliche… but the truth usually does. Men need to start acting more like men and less like women. Men need to stop gossiping and mind their business… women too. You have questions? You feel ways about a person? Confront the source. Never throw stones and hide your hands. Never talk tough when someone’s not around then shake their hands in person. Stay true or stay away. If you’re going to do something, do it to the best of your ability. Half assed makes half the money. If you’re going to love… love hard. If you’re going to dance, sing, compose, design, fight… do it with all you have inside you. Quitters are scared men who can’t take the heat. Be you, not me. Be you, not him. Your parents gave you a name. Protect it by being yourself and setting the right example. Start being secure about yourself. Walk with confidence. Show your confidence and let it rub off… the world needs more. Live, love and prosper. God bless. –MD