Style: Spring Tips “Cargo Pants”

Summer is coming in hot, I’m aware, which is why people are going to need to carry around extras. You’re going to need a handkerchief, a lighter for cookouts, sunblock, you name it… Everyone knows that some days you have to carry a little more than just the usual wallet and keys but I don’t know anyone who wants to wear a man purse. And unless you’re a backpack guy like myself, I’m pushing you guys to throw cargos into your arsenal. I just bagged some from the GAP not too long ago and they mesh clean with almost any fit. Cargo pants were made originally for military use, but the modern day version is for people who make moves or always on the go. You can cop from ill brands like White Mountaineering to Woolrich Woolen Mills so pick the one that suits you… –@MulaaTCL