Home-Wreckers (Read & Digest)

Yo… have you ever been feeling a chick…I mean… like seriously feeling her? The kind of girl that you do a background check just to make sure she is really as dope as you think? *Nah me either* Anyways, after weeks of stalling you finally decide to make it clear that you want her. She is difficult to read at first but after a few persistent attempts it is clear by her lack of attention that the feeling is not mutual. What do you do? Of course, to avoid looking like a sucker you move on to the next. Months, maybe years pass by and you might actually be in a relationship now. Surprise, Surprise!! Guess who starts to show you more attention all of a sudden? The old girl that you were first interested in. *Shaking my head*

This has happened time after time to me and a couple of the homies. It begs one to ask, “What is it that attracts females to a guy that already has a girlfriend?” Do they hate to see a guy with another chick? Jealousy could play a minor role in this dilemma but the real issue is not very difficult, in fact the answer is really simple. Females desire what they can’t have. But y’all knew that. Better yet, they actually believe in their minds that they can have it. Proof? You ever heard a woman say , “I can have any man I want”? Truth. Most women would agree with that statement and the few that wouldn’t are probably the ones I’m referring to.

I was inspired to write this post after watching an old episode of “Suits”… Mike, a lawyer, was attracted to Rachel, a paralegal, and pretty much made it clear that he was interested in her, just to be shut down repeatedly. Now Mike has a girlfriend… Or something like that, and after a long day at the office Rachel randomly kisses him, IN A MONTH THOUGH!! I mean why would she place him in a predicament like that? And the crazy thing is, you can tell that she enjoys putting him through this. In the real world situations like this happen everyday though.

Realistically another explanation for this phenomenon could point back to the shortage of quality men for girls to choose from. But then you still have a bunch of cynical women out there who purposely seduce men that are already taken. If you think I’m making this stuff up feel free to put it to the test. Go change your Facebook status to the infamous “In a Relationship” for a week or two and watch how many girls start randomly contacting you. Some females will definitely hit you up… You can bet on that. –MD