Daily Archive: May 13, 2012

New Video: “What Is A Hipster?”

I’ve been watching a lot of vids like this one lately. Mostly Hip Hop culture, fashion, and just the industry. This was one of the videos that actually made sense… Like.. even after… Continue reading

Style: Spring Tips “Short Sleeve Button Down”

It’s starting to get tropical out and pretty soon the long sleeves will be a no go. That calls for these spring/summer essentials. They’re cool and you can rock with just about anything… Continue reading

Top Lord’s Resistance Army Commander Has Been Captured

On Sunday, May 13, 2012. Uganda has captured one of the top five members of the Lord’s Resistance Army, this huge move brings them a step closer to catching Joseph Kony, the notorious… Continue reading

New Video: A$AP Rocky & RSVP Gallery “R$VPA$AP” (Capsule Collection)

To go along with the recent RSVP Gallery-sponsored A$AP show at the House of Blues in Chicago on May 3, RSVP and A$AP also collaborated on a pretty fresh capsule collection of T-shirts,… Continue reading

Weekly Wisdom: “Turn Your Dreams Into Reality”

“Dreams are meant to be turned into realities; All it takes to make it happen is action.” -Anonymous

Commencement 2012

Famous speakers from the world of politics, sports and entertainment give their address to students graduating students. Congrats to all of the 2012 graduates across the globe.

Mothers Day Love

Today marks the day when wonderful women all over the world are recognized. Every mother out there has been through things most of us can’t even begin to imagine. Mothers should be praised… Continue reading

Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Read & Digest)

Everyday I wake up anywhere between the buzz of my first alarm at 5:30am and the last at 6am. I hop in my car, only to go park in someone else’s parking lot…… Continue reading