It’s Bigger Than Me (Read & Digest)

The life I desire to live will only come from dedication, passion and hard work. Not only is one to work hard… but one is to work smart. These past few days I’ve been in the dumps, just thinking to myself, realizing my mistakes and understanding what it takes to move forward with the lessons I’ve learned. Some situations bring me down, but a strong man overcomes when faith is involved. Faith is something I keep by my side as if it were a gun on a sheriffs hip.. My Faith is so strong because I just know God has my back… That’s my ace in the hole. I believe in myself and God’s plan for me enough to know the hard times won’t last long. I know there’s another level for me and I’m just working toward that and waiting on that blessing. Lately I’ve been weakening business and personal relationships by procrastinating and using my 9-5 and current problems as an excuse for slack. I had to kill all that noise and snap out of it. Nobody wants to here a sob story and pity parties aren’t my thing…. that’s kinda why I don’t want to talk about a lot with people… unless asked to. I’m really not into the average life yo. I want more…. with all honesty I want more and trust I’m going to get it. No questions asked. That’s just where my mind is at. The negative “what if’s” don’t matter when you’re confident in yourself. That feeling you get when you’re in the groove of your craft… there’s no stopping you. You should never have to question doing you, and doing you with no doubt will build you into the person you need to be for your field. I realize the situation is bigger than me.. I represent my family.. My lil brothers and sisters.. I’m putting it on myself.. that my family, close friends will all share that “good Life”. Some know my name, but what weight does that hold if they can’t say Michael Dye Jr. helped to better them in some way? The picture is bigger than me, I think to the point it may put some nerves on shake along with excitement. These goals of mine, these wants and plans are all motivated by a struggle and whatever I go through personally should never be the reason I hit the hiatus button and become average. Nah, Nah, I’m not about that… I’m going for mine. Change of character, change of mindset, change of those I surround myself with… all seem like they don’t matter but apply these to your life… get with the right people and watch the change of attitude… pocket size and life itself. I mean.. when I linked up with Dom J.. Pssshh. I don’t even have to elaborate on that.. The results will speak soon enough.. May 26th, Stay tuned. But tell yourself it’s time for change, when you drop self and realize the picture is bigger than you. Word.

Current Mood: Kendrick Lamar: “Wanna Be Heard”

Shout out to the dude Kendrick… much respect over here. I want our readers to know this is not some uptight blog… this is a chill spot.. moods will be shown through the look of it… you can see it in the way I type… I want ya to share views and just feel like you can do whatever.. hate, love, ask for certain things… whatever.. I’m chillin’. I’m working to bring ya some ill stuff… I’m gonna let ya walk with us… Tribe Clarity Livin’… stay tuned. –MD