Count Your Blessings (Written by Tre’ Giles)

I have been going through a lot with my first year of college coming to an end. I have some issues I need to get solved, and I’m over here feeling like it is the end of the world. I finally had to stop my moping and just look at all my blessings. I started to see so many things I was able to do this year, yet I still had the tenacity to complain about my problems. I understand everyone goes through tough times, TRUST ME I really do. I have had my fair share too, but if you look outside of your own life and look around there is a lot worse off than you. People are starving, can’t feed their children, and can’t put a roof over their heads; some don’t have even have clean water. I got to Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City, Denver and a lot more places for free through my school this year (FOR FREE). Yet I still stood there and complained about my financial problems. Even if everything goes completely wrong and I couldn’t come back to school for a year, I know I still have somewhere to live, eat, and sleep. We all complain about only making minimum wage or a little more than that, some don’t even get the chance to make $5 in a week. Here is my point; honestly we don’t have any right to complain about our little problems. A lot of people are always putting their problems out there so they can get some pity points, QUIT THAT. Stand up and make a difference in your life to get ahead, we all need to be more hungry and not in the food sense. We need to be hungry to succeed, strive, and thrive.
Thanks for reading,-Tre’ Giles