Role Models (Read & Digest)

Something that I’ve been shaking my head on for a while is how my peers act around the younger crowd… One thing I pride myself on, is setting the example for those looking up to me… I have an infinite amount of younger siblings.. So it’s essential that I set the standard. Even If you feel like.. “whatever, these lil dudes don’t look up to me”… They do yo.. A lot… I thought role models were people that stand for something great. Influence those coming up in a positive way. To do right, to really change the minds of the young for the better. To help others achieve and excel with motivation from real works… and image of positive greatness. These new “Role Models”… Dudes that are around my age forever slay me… How can you go from wisdom on twitter, to talking about eating vagina? C’mon… Tell kids they don’t need school… Use others, never handle business properly, never confront anyone willing to talk it out and let ’em know what’s up. Act tough on public sites but can’t look someone in the eye when around them. If that’s what you think role models are… we’re doomed. These dudes need to wake up. I’m not trying change how people act or nothin like but all I ask is stay consistent when having an image… if you’re going to be about a better future and wisdom… stay that way. If you’re going to be about sex… stay that way. If you’re going to be about lying.. stay away… Don’t just look at things from your perspective.. Try to see the bigger picture. –MD