Daily Archive: March 9, 2012

#RIPBIG – 10 Crack Commandments (Designed by Keese Goood)

(May 21st, 1972 – March 9th, 1997) Rest in peace to the greatest rapper of all time… Biggie Smalls the illest. It’s hard to believe nearly 15 years have passed since The Notorious… Continue reading

Role Models (Read & Digest)

Something that I’ve been shaking my head on for a while is how my peers act around the younger crowd… One thing I pride myself on, is setting the example for those looking… Continue reading

Tim Tebow Or Peyton Manning Billboard Pops Up in Denver

Tim Tebow’s 15 minutes of fame in Denver country might be coming to an end, if a few deep pocketed fans get their wish… Some hopeful fans have created this billboard asking fans… Continue reading