Let’s Talk Money: “Cut It Out”

Some people like to use the word “budget”… but I prefer “adjustment.” Small, minor changes that over time, add up to a lot of extra cash. I’ve “adjusted” in a bunch of ways: my daily eating out for every meal are ancient history of course, and even some of my close friends have found ways to “adjust.”

Here are some of my most effective strategies for managing bills and saving money:

Call your service providers and ask if they’re running specials: Over a period of time I went from a $100 bill down to around 60 bucks.. Yo trust me, my plan has all the works! All I do is bug them every month. The cable company? Psssshhh, “Sure, we can give you a $5 monthly credit.” Why? Who cares. Probably because I asked.

Switch car insurance companies: Do your research because you don’t want inferior coverage.. I’m new to this insurance thing but I did this last month and saved $50.

Refuse to pay credit card membership fees: Many times these fees go unnoticed. These companies look to get over on you with these little fees… but when I called my credit card company to tell them I didn’t want to pay this monthly fee, they offered to remove it. Swag.

Pay bills on time: Sometime we let bills slide out of laziness. I’m a victim. But I’ve also learned this one little “slip up” can cost a LOT in late fees: $35 here, $20 there. Where I’m from we don’t waste money like that. So recently I switched all my bills to easy pay. No more problems. Simple.

Get creative: I knew that if I could combine my skills as a designer, writer and businessman, I could share what I’ve learned with other people my age. September of 2011 Dominic Jennings and I started TCL and last Friday February 10th, 2012 Tribe Clarity is officially in business!! Let’s toast to that… Not only am I doing what I love and have a deep passion for but T.C will hopefully become a secure source of income for my family.

These tips or simple and I just learn from experience. They’ve helped my family and I, and for that I’m blessed. Much love. –MD