Daily Archive: January 31, 2012

New Video: Deron Williams Drives To The Lane For The Dunk

Deron Williams drives, elevates, and throws one down right past Roy Hibbert take a look.

New Video: Nike Basketball “KobeSystem” (Level 7 Success At Success)

“Where do you go once you’ve reached the top of the #KobeSystem? Kobe helps Richard Branson find out.”

Tech: You Have To Win The Lottery To Buy An iPhone In Hong Kong

Us Americans complain about lining up overnight for an iPhone launch but they have it much worse in Hong Kong. Apple recently implemented a lottery system in an effort to combat scalping. If… Continue reading

New Mixtape: Cris Cab “Echo Boom” (Presented By Billionaire Boys Club)

It’s finally here! Cris Cab releases his latest project “Echo Boom.” Cris speaks to his generation with Echo Boom, the new mixtape contains 12 original songs and the highly anticipated project is presented… Continue reading

Tragic Florida Highway Pile Up

“A long line of cars and trucks collided one after another early Jan. 29 on a dark Florida highway so shrouded in haze and smoke that drivers were instantly blinded.” Read More: http://news.yahoo.com/photos/deadly-florida-highway-pileup-1327876604-slideshow/left-firemen-rest-fighting-fires-resulted-multi-vehicle-photo-193103563.html

Pinkberry Co-Founder Young Lee Pleads Not Guilty

The 47 year old pinkberry co-founder Young lee was charged with assault with a deadly weapon over allegations that he broke a homeless man’s arm with a tire iron, why he would do… Continue reading

Brands To Look For: “Supreme” (Men’s Clothing)

When we’re talking clothes supreme is definitely a brand that you want to have in your closet, I’m not what you would call a “brand whore” it’s not all about the name with… Continue reading

New Video: “2012 Acura NSX” (Super Bowl Commercial)

I know the superbowl is still a week away but no need to wait on commercials, check this one out starring Jerry Seinfeld very nice acura by the way.

New Video: NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night (January 30th)

Here are the top 10 plays from the 9 NBA games played last night, as you should already know Blake Griffens insane dunk is number 1, take a look.

New Music: Kid Cudi Feat. Desire “Teleport To Me, Jamie” (Full)

Kid Cudi Releases the full version of his Single, it’s a pretty good record open your mind and give it a listen. The “Wzrd” album is due in stores late feb so be… Continue reading