Daily Archive: January 29, 2012

New Video: Lebron Jumps Over John Lucas To Catch Alley Oop

Dwayne Wade throws the lob to LeBron James who jumps over the defender for the flush. This happened in Todays win over the bulls, take a look.

Would You Drive This? (Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport)

The 16.4 Grand Sport special edition of the French Bugatti Veyron was recently unveiled at the Qatar Motor Show. This car is a known beast boasting a top speed of 407 km/h and… Continue reading

300 Arrested In Oakland Riot

It’s getting real out in Oakland these days, Oakland police used tear gas and flash grenades to break up hundreds of Occupy protesters on saturday. Some demonstrators started throwing rocks and flares at… Continue reading

New Video: Nike Basketball “KobeSystem” (Level 4 Explosion)

“Kobe teaches his star-studded audience about explosiveness and reminds Tony Robbins why there is a Kobe in #KobeSystem.”

Weekly Wisdom: “Time Goes By” (Written By Brandon Jackson)

Time Goes By: So easily we let our grasp of it slip. It goes to waste for those who don’t allow it to multiply and make it the while worth by the decisions… Continue reading

Beyoncé’s Houston Monument In Development

Marcus Mitchell and Steve White tells Houston’s Fox News their initiative on building a landmark in honor of the songstress, this is pretty dope in my opinion i’m with it 100% watch the… Continue reading

New Music: Frank Ocean “VooDoo”

Frank went to the tumblr account to unleash some new material, i’m not too sure if this track is fully done or not, but anything by Mr. Ocean is always welcomed on TCL.… Continue reading