Daily Archive: January 12, 2012

Marijuana Does Not Damage Lungs

According to a study released Jan. 11 marijuana smoke does not damage the lungs in the same way that tobacco smoke does, the study found that smoking marijuana on an occasional basis does… Continue reading

Detroit Reduces Business Hours At Police Precincts

Fighting crime is definitely a 24-hour job, but due to the financial crisis that the city of detroit is going through the Detroit police stations will be sticking to business hours. The department… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Lil Wayne “Get Em”

I know wayne is weak now but this is classic wayne right here I miss this, the dedication series were crazy. Everyone should know about this one but if you don’t just click… Continue reading

Lil Wayne Showcases TRUKFIT Clothing

Last night, Wayne made an apperance at the 2012 Zumies 100K event in Keystone, CO. Wayne introduced his skateboard clothing line “TRUKFIT.” check the footage below to see the meaning behind the brand.