The People’s Voice: Young Jizzle “Microphone”

This is another canidate for “The People’s Voice” which is a segment on the website where the people can express how they feel , what they do, etc.. So if you have craft that your good at like art, poetry, writing, music, dancing, or whatever.. Or if you just want to go in on a topic that your passionate about just email us your work to “TRIBECLARITY@GMAIL.COM” and we will put up one post a week every wed night at 8pm MT time.

If you know nothing about the hustle, the grind, or the struggle… Move on…. Jizzle brings us just that… This is an old friend from high school and I’ve always looked up to him in a way. He moved as a G do at all times. I swear even in high school, this man has never been without cheese in his pocket… No gas. Respect to a hustler and a go-getter from another. Check out some of his music from his newest projects Guap Season Vol.1 Da Come-Up Here. Definitely iPod worthy. Mad Love… Enjoy. –MD