Room For Advancement? (Read & Digest)

It’s good to be ambitious, but climbing the career ladder takes patience and faith as well… Patience is running thin in most. I see a lot of people still in that “I want it now” mode. Get out of that yo. Work hard, smarten up and get that endurance up because it’s a marathon out here. Here are some tips for the go-getter on the rise: Work, Work, Work!

Get the job done. It’s as simple as that. Make sure your work is finished on time every day. It may be tempting to suck up to the boss, but at the end of the day results are all that matter.

Step Up

If your boss needs something done, and you have nothing on your plate, do it… Do it well. Pause lol. It’s going to get hard at times being so busy, but being the first to step up will always leave a great impression.

Be Friendly, and Lead

You don’t necessarily need to kiss butt all day to show everyone you’re friendly, but you should treat your co-workers like you would want to be treated. Simple. Some projects may require you to work as a team and though all of you need to contribute, you should take the lead. If you seek a management job, leadership is a must.

Get Involved

The two words “team player” are thrown around a lot and still people don’t truly know what it means to be one… Give your t-i-m-e to your job. Showing interest in your job is essential man. Did you go to the Christmas party this year? Go out for some wings at BWW? Or are people surprised you actually work there? Make your presence known at your job and you will look good. You can bet on that.

So go ahead and ask “Well, who are you Mike?”.. I’m far from perfect but the mistakes I’ve made in the past had me hurtin’.. So I smartened up. Applied what I learned and it works… I moved up in plenty of companies in my short career and I take a lot of pride in my work. Getting promoted is now effortless to me because I “sharpened the saw”… ”Have you mastered the role you currently possess and do you have the ability to transfer that knowledge to others?” If the answer is yes, that next step on the ladder is ready for you. Much Love –MD