Miami Heat Reveal New Jerseys

The Miami Heat have unveiled new, alternate, road jerseys for use in about 12 games per season. As you can see from the picture above, the jerseys are decked out entirely in the color black, with a little bit of white trim. I dont’ really dig these jerseys that much I like the originals better but you can never go wrong with a new look. Check to see what lebron told ESPN below.

“I play the game fun, joyful, and I let my game do all of the talking and I got away from that. That’s what I lost last year. Going through my first seven years in the NBA I was always the “liked one” and to be on the other side — they call it the dark side or the villain or whatever they call it — it was definitely challenging for myself. It was a situation I had never been in before, and it took awhile … it took a long time to adjust to it. […] It basically turned me into somebody I wasn’t. You start to hear ‘the villain,’ now you have to be the villain, you know, and I started to buy into it. I started to play the game of basketball at a level, or at a mind state that I’ve never played at before … meaning, angry. And that’s mentally. That’s not the way I play the game of basketball.”