Good Eats: “Smash Burger”

Smashburger is a fast-casual restaurant designed to be every city’s favorite place for burgers. Smashburger offers great tasting cooked to order burgers and they are slowly taking the torch for the modern burger lover. The burgers are made with 100% Angus Beef, smashed, seared and seasoned on the grill, placed on a butter-toasted artisan bun and topped with the highest-quality cheeses, freshest produce and condiments. Everything served at smash burger is fresh and you can definitely tell the difference between one of their burgers and a Mcdonalds or BK burger. Smash burger also offers great fries they have seasoned fries called “smash Fries” or unseasoned fries, it’s not the cheapest place to grab a burger but it is well worth the money it makes for a good eat so next time your by a smash burger be sure to check it out.