Raw Talent: illadope “Instrospect: A Journey Into Headnodic Funkiness”

This a good friend of mine from the hometown and he goes by the name of illadope he really does this music thing man, he definitely has the talent to do something big and take it to another level. He is a dj and a very good one at that he actually got on the turntables for tribe clarity’s latest event which was a success much love to him for that by the way, we appreciate you. Below we have illadopes latest mixtape it’s real dope definitely an old school feel but it’s something you can vibe to it’s real music, so with that being said check it out and relax to the smooth sounds of illadope. If You want to download this tape click the download button and put in 0$ unless you want buy it. If so it’s name your price so it can be as low as $0.50, support the movement.