Let’s Talk Money: Go Cold Turkey

A lot of my friends and I just moved out of our parents home and I don’t know about them… but… Me personally, I had a hard time stackin those green faces for a minute. My first instinct was to cut back on day-to-day splurges, like McDonald’s or those Red Bulls everyday… Definitely a mistake. You can’t save like that because you’re forced to make a conscious decision to save everyday. It takes a Herculean effort to pull of something like that.. An overnight behavior change. It’s true for both dieting and budgeting. A more efficient way to change it up is to take a second look at all the recurring monthly purchases that accrue automatically on your credit cards… Do you really need that huge plan on your phone? All those minutes? Or all those cable channels that you never watch anyway? Whatever that silent killer is to your bank account.. Cut it. Make this decision once and it saves you mula without you having to think about it again…Dig that. Even if you want to keep the service but just want a better price.. call and threaten to quit.. Haha it works. But yeah Cut The Swag and watch your pockets bubble –MD