Game Of The Week: Ravens Vs Bengals

Yo… I think this game will be great… AFC North rivals battling to get that #1 spot… Well, #2 spot ha, hard hits, Ray Lewis… The breakout rookie A.J Green? Sick game in the making. But yeah, I just don’t understand the Ravens though. I mean.. like how can they sweep the AFC big dawgs (Steelers) and then loose to some of the wackest teams in the NFL? Smh.. I just don’t understand. But Baltimore hosts Cincinnati today at M&T Bank Stadium in a AFC North game. Which is in their favor because they are poor on the road. As a Steelers fan, I’m definitely pulling for the Bengals.. I think they have a chance. They have a nice defensive front that will keep the game close and who knows.. Maybe so close that A.J Green can catch a bomb for the win.. I can see it… Baltimore has won its past seven home games and is favored by 7 points for all my gamblers out there… I guess we’ll see what’s up when 11 o’clock rolls around. Don’t miss this great rivalry game. “Who dat team gon’ beat them Bengaaaallllssssssss” haha sike nah. –MD