Daily Archive: November 16, 2011

New Music: Mansions On The Moon “Desert Island”

I’m always at my chillest state of mind when listening to bands like Mansions on the Moon. You need music like this after a long day… Desert Island was produced by the always… Continue reading

The People’s Voice: SCR “Hear Me Now”

This is another canidate for “The People’s Voice” which is a segment on the website where the people can express how they feel , what they do, etc.. So if you have craft… Continue reading

New Video: Pharrell Williams “Miami Qream Boat Cruise”

Qream Boat Cruise with Pharrell in Miami make sure you purchase qream liquor also.

Cell Phone Batteries Could Soon Recharge Ten Times Faster

There’s nothing worse than attempting to make an important call on your smartphone and realizing that you have a battery near death -__-. Current lithium-ion battery technology is suitable for most of today’s… Continue reading

Loved Ones Ashes Turned Into Beads

South Koreans find a new way to mourn as a handful of niche businesses transform ashes of deceased loved ones into gem-like beads this is crazy and a little weird but also pretty… Continue reading

New Video: Drake’s Father Discusses Drake’s Success

On the eve of the release of Take Care, Drake’s father Dennis Graham spoke with Memphis’ Fox News on the city’s influence in his son’s music and encouraging him to sing. Papa is… Continue reading

New Video: Wale Feat. Rick Ross “Tats On My Arm”

Check the new music video for Wale’s “Tats On My Arm” featuring Rick Ross, why wasn’t this on the album wale??