New Video: NBA Players Play In OKC Charity Game

In the Durantula’s recent OKC Charity Exhibition game, Michael Beasley may have walked away with the most impressive scoring bunch (56 points!) but Kevin Durant walked away with the most impressive numbers as usual. The two-time scoring champ or who I prefer to call The NBA Lockout MVP left Sunday’s game with 42 points, 26 rebounds, and 11 assists. That’s a pretty impressive triple double. These numbers catapulted Kevin and his team to victory over the Blue team that featured NBA stars Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Michael Beasley.

Points weren’t the only impressive numbers that Kevin Durant put up on that Sunday. According to ESPN, Kevin presented a generous check to the Single Parents Support Network of Oklahoma City. This game sure is a great way to keep this pro-am circuit rolling, especially when you can have your favorite NBA stars on the same floor and also raise a nice amount of funds for a great cause. Despite Kevin’s impressive stats, credit must be give to the Timberwolves’ Michael Beasley who put up an unusual bunch of numbers for a game like this. A lot of Beasley’s points weren’t “highlight flashy” which is why you may not see too many in this video. However we believe 56 points is definitely worth some recognition. Who knows, we may cook something up for B-easy. For now you can enjoy our video recap below of the U.S Fleet Tracking Basketball Invitational