Motivation: Reggie Jackson “#1 Pick of the OKC Thunder”

The motivation post is a new segment that we added to the site and we started this just to show appreciation to the people that motivate us. My first pick is a hometown hero that goes by the name of Reggie Jackson. I dont know Reggie all that well he went to a different school so i can’t really talk about anything other than what i saw from the outside looking in but we did graduate the same year 2008 and i do know that he was a hard worker and a great basketball player i mean i caught a few of his games and he really does this, he was alot better than most. I remember seeing Reggie in the local newspapers and there was a lot of talk about him, i respected that, then i found out he was going to boston college and that inspired me I was happy for him and also happy to see somebody from the city make it out, it was a great feeling. Time went on then i would see Reggie on ESPN leading boston college in scoring and really taking over things you know? things of that nature, at that point things got a little fake to me it got to the point where it was a little surreal to see that but then soon enough i watched the NBA draft and there he was! That news was big in my city and at that point i was truly inspired and motivated i mean it was crazy to see somebody you actually had contact with get focused and take it that far, my mindset changed after that day and i really started to focus more and see things a little more clear i really started to believe in myself and i made a promise to myself that i will be successful and also be happy at the same time. So if your reading this i just want to say thanks Reggie for the motivation i hope this lockout ends soon so you can get back to work and show them what your made of. Check the videos below to see Reggie in action.


Coach Nick sits down with the first pick by the Oklahoma City Thunder, 24th overall, and talks about his killer crossover as well as how he enhances his training with boxing.