Daily Archive: October 27, 2011

New Music: Wale Feat. Meek Mill & Rick Ross “Ambition” (Clean)

This is officially my theme song for 2011-2012 i really feel the song and at this point i respect wale and his grind make sure you pick up ambition on 11.1.11 click the… Continue reading

New Music: Jim Cheif & Tommy Widow “Young & Gifted”

Widow and Cheif are friends of mine there from my city and yo ima keep it honest this song is truly legit no fakin these dudes are definitely young and gifted this is… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Tupac “Me Against The World”

I love Tupac…better yet, I love authentic hip hop. Tupac made music and actually said something. This is Poetry.. emotions come from experience… if you never went through anything, how many feelings can… Continue reading

New Video: Barack Obama “Tonight Show With Jay Leno”

President Obama on Gaddafi, Bin Laden and withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Take a look and get educated.

New Video: Barack Obama “Student Loan reform”

President Obama has ordered two changes to student loan policy that will help millions of Americans who are struggling to pay for their education. Watch this video to find out how these policies… Continue reading

New Video: Big Sean “Weekend Recap 21”

Here’s another recap of big sean on his finally famous tour this one is cool and theres alot of cameos this time around check it.

New Video: “Steve Stoute Interviews Jay-Z” (Part 1)

Steve Stoute pulled up a chair with his business partner Jay-Z to discuss Watch The Throne and hip-hop’s global impact. Take a look

New Video: “Stephen A. Smith On Jemarcus Russell”

Stephen a goes in on Jamarcus saying that he doesn’t derserve a second chance me personally i think he does but take a look.

New Video: Wale” Ambition Listening Party”

Wale had the ambition listening party in NYC last night, at the penthouse of the Gansevoort Hotel it was deep in there he had artist like fab, j. cole, and jim jones, come… Continue reading

Brands To Look For: “Billionaire Boys Club” (BBC)

BBC Is classic brand in my opinion this brand has been around much longer than most clothing lines and I think it’s because BBC is so exsclusive, you just can’t find it anywhere.… Continue reading