Daily Archive: September 21, 2011

Tech: New Iphone Reportedly Set For October 4th

It seems as if the wait is over, october 4th is the day that apple is set to introduce their next iteration of the iphone. Sources said that the October 4 date has… Continue reading

New Mixtapes: Soulja Boy- “Supreme”

Alright alright alright lol.. I know some of y’all got that “Damn… not Soulja Boy look” on your face right now.. But yo.. Ima keep it a buck… I respect Soulja Boy the… Continue reading

The Blaze Magazine -Glenn Beck

Let me just say that with this new day and age reporting and the media waters everything down… That’s why I’m a subscriber to The Blaze magazine… because they seek and report the… Continue reading

New Video: Terius Nash (The Dream)- “Long Gone”

this is the first video off of dreams latest lp 1977 this track is amazing and the visual is dope as well