Daily Archive: September 20, 2011

Good Look: “Larisa Gonzalez”

Where do I start? Larisa is definitely one of my close/long time friends she’s a really dope chick, beautiful of course, and she has supported me on anything that my friends and I… Continue reading

New Video: Wale Returns To ESPN’S 1st & 10

Wale on ESPN’s first and 10 and he gets sonned on sports in my opinion he doesnt know too much lol.

New Music: J.Cole Feat. Missy Elliot- “Nobody’s Perfect”

This song is Crazy Cole is definitely coming through with this album I have already reviewed it and I love it. Cole makes real music and I can respect that to the fullest… Continue reading

New Video: DayToday Season 4 ep. 6 Part 1 (Happy Birthday Wiz)

Heres part 1 of wiz newest episode of day today, he travels to vegas to celebrate his bday. Im not a huge wiz fan but i do like the day today episodes, there… Continue reading

New sneakers: “Nike Mag Ebay Auction Results And Sneaker Info”

These are dope the marty mc flys or the mags from the film back to the future whatever you want to call them. these sneakers are crazy nike actually re-made these sneakers and… Continue reading

New Video: Bill Clinton’s Straight Talk on Lagging U.S. Economy

Former Prsident Bill Clinton breaks down the risk of trouble for the “American Dream” tune in. Please exscuse the bad video quality

Fashion: Kanye West Set to Release Womenswear Oct 1st, 2011

The media caught up wit kanye west as he attends Burberry Spring/Summer 2012 Womenswear Show lookin pretty fly might i add. Kanye West is debuting his womenswear collection next month (October 1st) at… Continue reading

New Video: Fabolous Responds To Ray-J (AUDIO)

Im sure most ppl heard about the ray j and fab situation so I put this up for all of you that were intrested in it. Personally i didnt believe it in the… Continue reading

New video: Lupe Fiasco Wants An Investigation On 9-11, Building 7, And The New World Order!

Lupe is spittin the truth and making valid points on 9-11, building 7, and the new world order check out the vid and pay attention